When To Fast & How To Fast

Fasting. Jesus did it for 40 days in the Judaean Desert. (Matthew 4:1) However, He was condemned by critics for not doing it as often as they were used to seeing from the holiest men at the time. (Matthew 11:19) Successfully overcoming the devil’s temptation, Jesus showed us that we must rely on the Holy Spirit to live in obedience to God, not the flesh.

Ergo, fasting should be dedicated for those who are seeking to get closer to God by denying the flesh and welcoming the Holy Spirit.

When we fast, we dedicate extra time and attention to God during the time we would regularly have been eating. Fasting Christians are encouraged to read scripture and pray during this time.

There are many different types of fasting. All of the fasting references in the Bible were in relation to food, drink, or a combination of the two. Abstaining from both food and drink should only last a short period of time–not to exceed 3 days. Please see the advice of a medical professional before you fast from all food and drink, or if you have never fasted before.

Fasting may also be performed in different ways, like fasting from social media, television, video games, etc. Whatever you decide to give up, make sure you dedicate that extra time afforded to you, to God.

Eager to see more applications of fasting? Take a look at these bible verses:

2 Samuel 1:12

Acts 13:2

Acts 14:23

Esther 4:16

Daniel 10:3

Exodus 34:28

Joel 2:12

Luke 2:37

Luke 18:12

Nehemiah 1:4

Psalm 69:10

Isaiah 58:3-7

Jonah 3:5-9

To recap, fasting is done to draw closer to the Lord, and in some cases, to cast out demons. Fasting can occur by abstaining from food and/or liquids of any kind for a period of time, or by abstaining from non-food items as well like social media. Our times of fasting should be kept private and we are to conduct ourselves in a positive manner. If you feel led to fast, please do so responsibly and your relationship with God will surely grow.

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