Understanding Fertility – Flo Can Help

Flo is an app designed to help women understand their fertility. This is a fantastic resource for Christian women, and health-conscientious women alike, who want to take charge of their fertility in marriage.

If you are not married and not sexually active–good for you! We believe sex is so valuable, so powerful, and so special, that it needs to be reserved for a husband and wife within the confines of marriage. After all, this is God’s will, as expressed in the Bible.

Enjoy this short video explaining the woman’s cycle in a nut shell:

Whether you are a woman trying to conceive, or planning to delay pregnancy until a later time, Flo will enable you to do this (without hormones!) by allowing you to follow your menstrual cycle with ease.

To get started, simply download the app and answer several questions about your previous menstrual cycle. When did it start? When did it end? How heavy was your flow? How regular or predictable is your cycle?

Flo uses this data to predict your day of ovulation– very helpful for those trying to conceive, as this is the ONLY 24-hour period a woman can conceive. The app also informs users of the probability of becoming pregnant, if you were to have unprotected sex on a particular day. This is all backed by science, more specifically the Natural Family Planning Method.

While the charts presented each month are all predictions (and sometimes life can be unpredictable), many women have successfully been able to take charge of their fertility with this technology.

This is the new way of planning parenthood for millennials.

Have you heard of Natural Family Planning? Interested in learning more? Listen to Jenna Larson talk about her experience with NFP on The Directive Podcast 👉🏼 HERE.

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