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Episode #7 – 3 Ways To Feel More Connected To God INSTANTLY

In this week’s episode, Jenna discusses three ways you can INSTANTLY feel more connected to our glorious Lord and Savior. New to Christ? These three methods of building your relationship with Jesus will help guide you in the right direction on your new walk in grace.

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Episode #6 – Natural Family Planning

What is Natural Family Planning? Why is it important? Are you a woman who wants to become empowered about your body while taking charge of your fertility? Listen as I discuss the Natural Family Planning method of contraception, designed for married couples who are looking for a natural form of birth control.

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Episode #5 – Psalm 119

Today’s podcast is a reading of Psalm 119 with some commentary. What did you get out of the reading? Let me know in the comments below, or email me at

Episode #4 – Detoxing the Spirit

We are all quite familiar with detoxifying the body (and its popularity today), but you don’t often hear about detoxifying the spirit. It is challenging to stay pure and holy in the world we live in, and God understands. As followers of Jesus, we must be try our best to live for Him, which requires constant spiritual detoxification. Listen to learn more about how you can detox your spirit and grow closer to God.

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Episode #3 – Is it Really Love? Is He the One?

Do you feel called to marriage, but question the feasibility of your relationship? Is he the one?

In this episode, I outline three important qualities your boyfriend needs to have in order to be a strong candidate for a husband. Marriage is a huge commitment — one of the biggest commitments we can make in our lives. It’s important to assess your current relationship before taking the next step towards marriage. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Episode #2 – Anger Assessment

Do you ever get angry? Do you know how to effectively manage your anger? Today I take an anger assessment with you, to learn how we can better control our emotions, which will lead to better relationships.

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Episode #1 – The Importance of Prayer

Are prayers important? Do you need encouragement to revamp your prayer life? In this episode of The Directive, I discuss how prayer has been powerful in my life, and encourage Christians who are apprehensive to pray, to pray more. Start off the new year with a new prayer regimen, and watch how God’s blessings flow into your life and into the lives of those you pray for.

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